Applying a structure into your life

We do well when applying a structure – those imposed by you and those imposed by others. Right now the libertarian in you will be shouting me down. I am all for live and let live but if you are in pursuit of a career, there’s no way around it. Applying a Structure tames your wild side. It tames it so that you can be productive when you need to be and let loose when it’s time to do so.

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Words have Power

Words have power in its effect of realization. Let’s say you are pursuing a career that is deemed out of reach for a range of reasons. Singer, actor, writer, life coach, youtuber. These kinds of titles have a certain negative stigma attached to them. Not because they are terrible life decisions but because they are hard to reach. Because so many people strive for these titles which make the success rate a pretty low one.

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